SPACE Counselling
Children & Young People Counselling


Space counselling provides counselling services to children and young people in a private room especially equipped for this age group and also in schools across Northern Ireland. We work in a child-centred way and different approaches are used depending on the age of the child or young person and the specific issues or difficulties they are experiencing.
Our experience is that a little counselling help for an unhappy child early in their lives can have an immensely beneficial impact on their life chances.
Developing trusting relationships with a child or young person can begin the process of helping them to manage change and difficulties, find answers that make sense in their world and draw on resources within
them and around them.
We help younger children and children with additional needs express themselves through many different mediums including art, play, drama and puppets. Children often use play and creativity to help understand their world.

Young People

Many young people struggle with how they feel. They often have trouble negotiating the world around them and it can be a very daunting time. Problems with friends, school, family, anxiety, anger, depression, scared, relationships, sexual orientation and they need to talk to someone but find it difficult to talk to someone they know.
Here at Space we can help young people talk things through, support them without making them feel judged and offer confidentiality (unless they disclose that their personal safety or someone else’s personal safety is at risk).
Sometimes talking is too much and in those circumstances we use a range of creative approaches to support the individual young person.